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Poems, Prayers and Promises

My Prayer Poem

That you may really come to know,
practically, experience so.

For yourselves the love of Christ,
which far surpasses our surmise.

That you may be filled through all your being,
unto all the fullness of God foreseeing.

That you may have the richest measure,
of His divine Presence, Splendor.

And become a body wholly filled,
and flooded with His blood He spilled!

Now to Him Who, by the power,
at work in us this very hour.

To carry out His very purpose,
That He has for each one of us.

Far above all that we dare,
ask or think, our highest prayer.

Far above our, thoughts, it seems,
even all our hopes, or dreams.

To Him be glory in the Eccleeseea,
and in Christ Jesus, the Messiah.

throughout all generations past,
and generations for ever-last.


By: Preston Pittman